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Colleen Cahill
03 July 2015 @ 11:12 am
Do you tend to swear a lot? If so, what curse word(s) do you use the most? If you're not someone that swears a lot, do you substitute words like "shoot" or "fudge" instead?
I occasionally swear, but it is so rare that when I do friends raise an eyebrow. I do use "phooie" and "pah", but am also on the look out for satisfying words that are not swear words. Definitely find the f-bomb distressing.
Colleen Cahill
03 December 2011 @ 03:28 pm
Today I listened to carols and for the first time in a few years made cookies. Am going to a tea at my church, so I made peanut butter blossoms and pecan pie cookies. The latter are a recipe my Mom got years ago, she cannot remember from who. These were Dennie approved, even though he is allergic to half the ingredients. They are also fairly fussy, but worth the effort. I gave some of the extra cookies to our grandkids and someone is going to get a surprise package of the rest. :-)

Now need to think about Christmas cards and cleaning up so we can put up the decorations and tree.
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Colleen Cahill
28 August 2011 @ 10:02 am
Like much of the rest of the DC area, we have not power. Unlike them, we have a generator and so you are seeing this message. Thank God we have it, as Dennis is recovering from prostate surgery and we would have to go somewhere else if not for it. The winds are not suppose to drop until afternoon, so more damage could happen, but we are praying that does not happen.
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Colleen Cahill
12 August 2011 @ 06:25 am
Dennis will be going in for his prostrate surgery on Aug. 24; prayers are greatly appreciated.  As you might expect, he is having many issues with this, especially with any after effects of the surgery. Several people have already sent him encouraging emails; if you want to do so, that would be great!

On the better news front, I have my energy back and even got out three reviews this month. For fun, I would recommend What Ho, Automaton! by Chris Dolley, a wonderful mix of steampunk and P.D. Wodehouse. Soon to go up on Fast Forward is a review of Jody Lynn Nye's View from the Imperium which also has echoes of Wodehouse, along with a heavy does of space opera. Kind of funny getting two books with the same influence so close together; good books sometimes come in that way.
Colleen Cahill
24 July 2011 @ 10:17 am
So, the last month and a half have been less than joyful.  Dennis had to got for testing and the results were not good: he has prostrate cancer.  Now he is in the process of making some major decisions on what he will do about this and none are without some draw backs.  Prayers for him are greatly appreciated. 

On July 2nd, I started to feel ill and ended up in the hospital on July 4th with a kidney infection.  I am better now and seem to be doing well, but since the doctors don't know why I got the infection, it is a bit worrisome.  I have an appointment later this week with a urologist that I hope will answer some questions.

In the middle of all this, our power went down and a surge went through the house (about 2 weeks ago).  Our A/C got fried (and fixed the same day), my telework PC went down and our Bose surround sound system stopped working.  The last is probably not fixable.

Ah well, things can only go up from here, right?
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Colleen Cahill
My 10+ year old treadmill bought the farm and since I use it regularly, we got a replacement.  My cousin was kind enough to not only help us buy the machine, but get it home, into the house and put it together.  Really, I was mostly just the person holding the tools.  This new model has many more bells and whistles, but since most are for running (and I only walk due to foot issues), they are wasted on me.  One of the best things is how quite this machine is compared to my old model; I can even hear my foot falls on the tread!  My favorite distraction will walking is to watch anime and this machine is so quiet I can even hear most of the talk (although I read the subtitles).  Now I have to get back in the habit of using it every day.  Yes, I still run the Wii fit program while on the treadmill; something ought to keep track of my work. :-)
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Colleen Cahill
30 May 2011 @ 10:27 am
On this Memorial day, I am thinking on all the relatives and friends of mine who have served.  From both my parents, my brother, uncles, aunts, cousins and people who I have been blessed to know, it is quite a crowd.  A sharp salute to all of you!

The house is a mess, mostly because I have spent the last two weekends playing.  First I worked at the Nebula Awards, which was a great deal of fun.  This weekend was Balticon, and as usual, I sat behind the table for Capclave while also getting to chat with some of my favorite authors such as Michael Swanwick, John Wright, Jagi Lamplighter and Leona Wisoker.  With much restraint, I bought only a few books; my husband bought me a pair of earrings shaped like flying pigs.  What a guy!

Today I started of domestic by trying out a recipe for baked oatmeal with fruit.  It turned out really well, although I think juicier fruits (like peaches and plums) would be better than just apples.  It is egg and dairy free to accommodate Dennis.  If anyone wants the recipe, let me know.  

Off to clean!
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Colleen Cahill
25 May 2011 @ 06:10 am
For the last few months, it has been clear that I needed an ereader.  With more publishers releasing galleys in electronic format, it was imperative that I get something other than my computer to read them on.  When we got a Nook for Dennis' daughter, I set it up and realized this was not for me; I fat fingered too many mistakes on the keyboard.  A friend lent me their Kindle DX, which had many advantages, but I felt was just too big and I wanted something that natively read PDF and ePubs.  Two weeks ago I stumbled on the Entourage Pocket eDGE and was immediately wowed.  The two part hardware of eInk  reader on one side and Android tablet on the other delighted me.  The weight was good, about that of an iPad, and I like that it could fold open like a book, or even all the way back so you looked at only one of the two pieces.  It intrigued me that you would annotate your PDF's and even take notes on the eInk side, then save them and email.  Yes, there were drawbacks, such as only have Android 1.5 installed, but the clincher was the price; under $200.00!  What did I have to lose?

The eDGE arrived a week later and I found that it has met all my expectations.  I like using the stylus rather than my fingers on the tablet, as I have finer control that way.  Being a librarian, I have actually read the manual, and found other features I am enjoying.  Of special joy is that I can access my Google Calendar offline and can sync when I hook to a wifi spot.  For me, this is a really good product.

Why the mistake?  This Monday, the company announced it was no longer going to make the Pocket eDGE.  So basically I have an unsupported device.  At first I was down, but then I got better.  After all, I did not spend a lot on this and it still does what I need.  With a bit of luck, it will last me a couple of years and hopefully something even better (and cheap) will be available then.  Ultimately, I do have a device I like that will serve as my ereader for quite a while.
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Colleen Cahill
06 May 2011 @ 08:31 am
Yesterday I was in my Crunchyroll account looking at my list of favorites and discovered I can reorder them.  Now they are in alphabetical order: how librarian of me!  This was "important", as a new episode of Gosick is being made available to members today.  Maybe cloewen and I can make everyone watch it this Saturday.  Several of my friends from far away are gathering at Chez Landis for a day of fun, memories and taunting.  What else do you need in a social gathering!

Because of this, I am off work today, doing house and errands.  Did get the granola made and am taking a break before I start on laundry and other cleaning stuff.  It feels good to be getting lots of little tasks done.
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Colleen Cahill
30 April 2011 @ 08:29 pm
I realized that today I have worked at the Library of Congress for 20 years and 8 days.  Time many not have flow by, but I do feel like it CAN"T have been that long!  After all, I am still learning things and there so lots of stuff I haven't cataloged yet.  Guess I have to admit that I will never do all of that, especially as they keep bringing in more stuff!  
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